February Ironman Training: 4 Hours-Per-Week

A nice February workout for 6-year-old Ryan...50# Wahoo

February Summary

Starting weight: 215

Ending weight: 214 (Key West vacation did not help here)

Total workouts: 12 (Key West vacation did help here)

Weekly Average: 4 hours

Longest run: 12.4 miles (Southport 20k; hilly)/7:22 pace

Estimated Ironman finishing time: 11.6 hours (1:20/:05/6:15/:05/3:50)

The injury came early this year with a grade one right calf strain during a 12-mile race on February 12. That I had only twice run more than 5.5 miles in January. The ramp was too steep. Calf strains and metatarsal stress fractures have recurred for five years now. It’s a combination of skinny calves, a top-heavy body, a pounding stride, a sharp mileage ramp-up, a torn brevis tendon in my right ankle, and awful flexibility. I can run a marathon on a stress fracture but not a torn calf. I need to get serious about stretching. Maybe the boys can stomp the tightness out of my legs when we wrestle.

On second thought, in 2008 my 3-year-old gave me a nasty case of turf toe by jumping off my back onto my calf while I was playing horse, so I’ll avoid the ruffians except to build calluses.

Adding insult to the injury, on February 27th I was a last-minute substitute on a local basketball team and, wearing light hikers, rolled my bad ankle within five minutes. I’ll stick with the doctor’s orders–with just a single lateral tendon intact, no basketball or sand volleyball. Ever.



February 4: 30 mile flat computrainer 1:32/170 watts/HR 170-180

February 12: 12.43 mile race/1:31/7:22 pace/HR 183

February 15: 1 hour seated life fitness cycling 193 watts HR 173

February 16: 1:07 seated life fitness upright bike 193 watts HR 170; 30 minutes elliptical 177 watts

February 17: 30 minutes recline bike 200 watts; 15 minute jog

February 18: 8 mile run with Suz/8:30/mile

February 19: 2 mile run easy to retrieve rental car

February 20: 45 minutes seated bike 230 watts/HR 170

February 23: 2×20 minutes StarTrac bike 260 watts/HR 175-185 (#1) and 188 (#2)

February 24: 9 mile run from office to Harlem/HR 155/8:15 per mile

February 25: 33 mile ride/2 hours/ HR 155

February 26: 7500 meter erg/28:45/HR165-190

February 27: Basketball game/45 minutes