April Ironman Training: 7 hours per week

Bahamas, 2006

Bahamas, 2012...Live now, or it's gone.


April Summary

Starting weight (first three morning average): 210

Ending weight: 207

Total workouts: 19

Weekly Avg Work: 7 hours

Longest bike: 96 mile commute home from Wall Street via Bear Mountain

Longest run: 12 miles slow

Actual bike watts/1.5 hours (aero): 199 watts

Estimated 56-mile stand alone ride pace: 18.5 mph

Estimated 13.1 mile stand alone running race pace: 7:00

Estimated Ironman finishing time: 11. hours (1:20/6:30/3:45)

Hardest workout: Crank the Cank computrainer at 215 watts; finished, but barely at 190+ HR

April saw an increase in Ironman training from 5 hours-per-week to 7 hours-per-week, largely due to a 96 mile slog with Gerheart and Atkinson from Wall Street home via Bear Mountain one night. We didn’t even climb the hill and were still fairly thrashed and late for dinner. The Eleuthera, Bahamas vacation in the middle of April was probably good for acclimatization but little else–the lobsters were scarce this year and we saw few spear-able fish…and no sharks! Either the locals had come through the reefs just ahead of us or I’m worried at the boys’ prospects in a decade. Fisheries management is not a strong suit of any country today.

Fruitless in fishy flesh only. We had an adventure, and a long swim for an 8-year-old.

Apr 1: 50 mile road loop/ 17 mph/3:20/HR 140-170

Apr 3: 42 mile ride into work/2:17

Apr 5: 4x5min intervals cycletrainer/330 watts/ HR 175-190

Apr 7: 9.08 mile run Bahamas/8:18 pace/HR 174 avg

Apr 9: 9.18 mi run/7:45 pace/161 average

Apr 11: 8 mi run Bahamas ( with 2 one mile intervals)/7:47 pace/168

Apr 13: 1 hour LifeFitness 230 watts/155-185

Apr 14: 5X3 minute cycling interval LifeFitness 330 watts

Apr 16: 4X2.5 minutes Star TRac Level 17/440 watts

Apr 17: 7500 meter erg/ 29:25/1:57 average

Apr 18: 40 mile ride into work/ 2:15 hours

Apr 20: 96 mile ride from Wall Street/6 hours

Apr 21: 12 mile run/ 8:30 pace/155 HR

Apr 22: 1:30 ride steady state computrainer aero/HR 160-180

Apr 27: 20 mins level 14 Star Trac/ 10 mins level 13/HR 180+

Apr 28: 6 mile run/7:30 pace/165 HR

Apr 29: 1:25 Crank the Kank computrainer/ 210 watts/ 165-195 HR

Apr 30: 42 mile ride into work