May Ironman Training: 7 hours per Week

Ryan Atkinson and Jake Gearhart at the end of 100-miles



...while the boys have the skills for fun sports!


Starting weight (first three morning average): 207

Ending weight: 205

Total workouts: 16

Weekly Avg Work: 7 hours

Longest bike: 105 mile Gran Fondo race

Longest run: 9.5 miles

Estimated 56-mile stand alone ride pace: 18.5 mph

Estimated 13.1 mile stand alone running race pace: 7:00

Estimated Ironman finishing time: 11.75 hours (1:20/6:30/3:45)

Hardest workout: Gran Fondo–105 miles.

I’d hoped to get in more weekly work by now–and hit 10 hours of training per week–but it was impossible between work and kids’ sports. It was playoff time in Greenwich and I was having too much fun coaching up the two flag football teams to sneak in big weekend workouts except for Fondo. With two months to go before Ironman, I could be in real trouble if it’s a hot day. If it’s cool, I will muddle through in under 12 hours. But hard workouts in June and July can still change that.

May 2: 9.5 mi run into work after Carry the Load relay leg/ 160 HR/1:10

May 4: 40 mile ride home from work/2:27

May6: Greenwich Biathlon 2.5/10 mi ride/2.5….58:45/HR 180

May 10: 9.6 mi run into work/166 HR…40 mile ride home/2:27

MAy 12: Riverside 3 mile run/18:49/ 6:16 pace/HR 188

May13: 1.5 hours aero computrainer/205 watts/HR155-170 slow drift

May 17: 20 mins Level 14 Star TRac 310 watts/HR 170-188

May19: 20 mins easy swim drills

May 20: 100 mile Gran Fondo/8500 feet of climbing/7 hours

May 23: 42 mile ride into work (2:17)…Afternoon 7500 M erg 28:48 (1:55)

May 24: 9.68 mi run to 125th Street/1:12/ 7:30 pace

May 25: 1500 yard swim in jammers: 24:45 (1:40 per 100)

May 26: 1:30 computrainer/188 watts/HR 155-165…3 mile run HR 180/slow pace. (Unacclimatized to 85 degrees and could not hold HR down)

May 28: 1:30 computrainer/200 wats/HR 160-185

May 29: 1 hour stair stepper/155 HR

May 30: 45 mins recline bike/HR155 and 170