June Ironman Training: 7 Hours of Weekly Training; Something Wicked This Way Comes

Commute by train, or...

Starting weight (first three morning average): 205

...at 0415 in the rain?

Ending weight: 201

Total workouts: 15 (32 hours)

Weekly Avg Work: 7.5 hours

Estimated Ironman finishing time: 11.2 hours (1:10/:09/6:00/:08/3:45)

Hardest workout: 70 mile commute home in 90-degree heat.

I certainly expected to be up to 10 hours of training-per-week by now. But between my high school reunion and flag football playoffs (I coach), I lost my opportunity for big weekend workouts and had to use commuting time instead, which is much tougher. Now I’m caught between my inclination to pound out a seriously hard July and all the pundits who recommend a deep taper before the Ironman. I don’t have enough miles to do a progressive decline anyway. Might as well ramp up. See you on July 31. I hope to be averaging at least 10-hours-per-week.

June 1: 1500 m swim/4 mile run

June 5: 41-mile bike home/2:28/HR 145

June 7: 3 hour computrainer/HR 145-160/185 watts

June 8: Cook Your Buns 3 mile race/6:16 pace/190 HR

June 9: 30 mile ride easy TT/6 mile run easy on Ironman course

June 12: 9.6 mile run to train station/1:11

June 13: 2 hours computrainer HR 145

June 14: 9.6 mile run to train/1:13

June 15: 20 mile ride easy after bike fitting in aero/1.25 hours/HR 150

June 16: 2.5 hour computrainer/HR 145-155

June 19: 40.5 mile bike into work/2:15

June 22: 70 mi bike home/ HR 131/ 4:17

June 24: BIG workout 1 hour swim/50 mile aero bike/5.5 mi run up Palmer’s Hill

June 26: 50 mile (2:50) bike into work

June 29: Lactate Test–45 mins ramp up every 4 mins HR 125/135/150/165/175/180/190/197