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3 reasons to get your dog an orthopedic dog bed

Nowadays, pets have transcended their traditional role of guardians and companions to family members we love unconditionally. Most pet owners say they would be willing to go to the greatest of lengths to make sure their pet is happy. It is a responsibility we accept as owners when we welcome a new pet to our families and one we should not forget or neglect as time passes. For dogs, unfortunately, time passes more quickly than for us, and we need to keep that in mind to accommodate them as best as we can while they are getting on in years. One of the first things we should consider at the first sight of discomfort from aging dogs is getting them an orthopedic bed. Let’s go over some general considerations for this type of dog bed.

Orthopedic dog beds are a must-have for bigger breeds

Right off the bat, you can tell an orthopedic bed for your dog will be something they need in time if they are medium-sized or large dogs. Just like us, dogs on the larger side of the spectrum are more prone to physical decay due to their inherent weight. They will start feeling discomfort in their joints as they age, and they will also have a hard time getting up and walking fast like they did when they were pups. Orthopedic beds can help mitigate those symptoms and give your dog a better life quality.

An orthopedic bed can prevent more serious problems in time

Different breeds have different body types and a good portion of them have a genetic predisposition to developing some issues in the latter stages of life. For instance, some small breeds can suffer from hip dysplasia and it is fairly common that they start showing signs of discomfort earlier than usual if they don’t rest in an orthopedic bed. This type of bed is not only something you should get for your old dog. It is something you should get for your dog earlier on in their life if you care for their health and well-being.

Orthopedic beds are one solution for unruly dogs

An additional benefit of orthopedic beds for dogs is that they can also be the solution for dogs who want to sleep on your bed all the time or have a hard time following instructions. Giving your dog a comfortable place to rest and make their own can make all the difference in terms of their willingness to

cooperate and obey. Make sure from the start that the padding of the bed is adequate and holds its shape. It should be a big enough bed to fit your full-sized dog comfortably and it should have firm resting places for their heads so they can distribute weight adequately. Orthopedic dog beds are usually easy to clean as well, so you get the advantage of being able to wash them quickly without compromising their build quality.

Your dog deserves no less than a good night’s sleep and a comfortable resting place, so consider orthopedic beds as an option when getting a bed for your dog or puppy.